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We Want you to be comfortable in your new home.

Each unit is thoroughly cleaned and re-painted before each tenancy. All plumbing, lighting and appliances are checked to be sure they are in good working order before you move in to ensure that your move to your new home or apartment is stress-free.

Affordable Residential Rental Homes and Apartments

Alexandria, Louisiana

Q: When Is The Rent Due?

A: The full month's rent is payable prior to occupying the property.  If the tenant rents a property beginning any day other than the first day of the month, we will prorate the first month's rent for the number of days remaining in the month. Thereafter, rental payments are due on the first day of the month.  Late payments will be assessed a $25 late fee after the 5th, and an additional $25 after the 15th.


Q: Who is Responsible for Pest Control?

A: All tenants are required to provide their own pest control.  This service should be maintained on a routine basis.


Q: Who is responsible for Repairs?

We take pride in our properties and all requests for repairs are made through the managers. We have a skilled team of plumbers and electricians on call who will take care of routine maintenance and repairs. D & S Rental Properties will pay for routine equipment, electrical and plumbing repairs, but the tenant will be billed for any repairs that are found to be a result of tenant negligence or abuse.

Q: Who is responsible for Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping?

A: Yards and landscaping on single family homes are to be maintained in a neat manner on a weekly basis by the tenant.  Should the tenant fail to do so, D&S Rental Properties will cut the grass, etc., and charge the tenant a $150 fee. If the City of Alexandria issues a code violation because the property is not maintained properly, the tenant will be charged a $250 fine for the city code violation.  All charges are the responsibility of the tenant.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Pets may be allowed at management's discretion.  A non-refundable $500 pet deposit is required.  


Q: Will my security deposit be refunded?

A: The rental deposit will cover clean up or damages done to the property outside of normal wear and tear up to the amount of the deposit. The security deposit CAN NOT be used as last month's rent. Burned out or missing light bulbs, missing or broken hardware, and missing or broken outlets and fixtures will result in total forfeiture of the security deposit. Should repair charges exceed the deposit, the tenant will be responsible for the additional fees due as well as any attorney fees or court costs associated with the collection of damage fees. The deposit is fully refundable if no monies are owed to the owner.